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Business Ideas You Can Start Up in Camp

Business Ideas You Can Start Up in Camp

It is no more news that Redemption camp is now more than just a worship centre but home to many
and a city at large. It is a city which deserves the best of every available product and services, so why not
take advantage of the untapped business opportunities in this ever growing city. Here are business
ideas you can start up with less than two hundred thousand naira;
 House Cleaning Services: The number of block of flats, coupled with lodges and estates
presently in the camp is way beyond what we all can count, and we all know that most of them
are not inhabited except on occasions and they all need cleaning. With just thirty thousand naira
for cleaning tools and the right network, you are sure to make more than what you invest and
also get a referral after a great job done. However, you don't need to wait till conventions and
Congress before you get any call, every other day is a good day to make money.
 Shirt Production & Branding: This is a sweet side hustle. The truth is this, fashion is one business
that can never run down irrespective of your location, you've got customers right here in camp,
as long as you are good, creative and one important thing – you don't disappoint (seems most
tailors learn it with their work), adding prints on shirts is also a plus as there are loads of
demands on customized shirts from churches and other organizations on camp.
 Mobile & Electronic Accessories: You can't imagine the stress and hustle people go through just
to get quality chargers, USB cables, headphones/earphones, battery, camera accessories and
batteries. If you can secure a good source where you get them in bulk like Alibaba, Deal Extreme
etc. and ensure they are very good, I'm sure with consistency and proper marketing you will
save many from the dangerous activities at computer village in Ikeja.
 Cakes and Confectionery: One of our misconceptions when it comes to cakes and confectionery
business is that we think there are so many people already into the business so there is no point
going into the business, we've all got that unique thing that makes our product the best, identify
your selling point and bank on it, in this city, everyday is a great day and your special cupcakes
and other confectionery might save the day.
 Home Tutorial: Every parents wants their kids to be the best academically and they will go the
extra mile in ensuring that their child(ren) continue to make them proud. If you have a flair for
teaching and you are good with handling kids and instilling knowledge into them, this is another
business opportunity for you. You can make it a full-time thing or a part-time thing.
 Digital Marketing: All you need to get started is consistent power supply – which is in abundance,
a laptop and good internet connection. There are hundreds of business that still can’t reach
their target audience and make reasonable sale. You can offer to help with your digital skills and
get paid in doing so.
 Home service Barbing & Hair Dressing: leaving my comfort zone to some salon to sit down and
wait for my turn is not my thing and likewise most camp dwellers. Take your services to them
and make extra cash while at it, you don’t need to stay put in your salon, there more people
who don’t have the time to go out and get things done.
While we wait for that dream job, let start building our brand with the little we have. It pays to be a

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